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Biography: Venerable Karma Gyurme Rinpoche

Karma Gyurme RinpocheThe most venerable Karma Gyurme Rinpoche is the 8th Lharig Sigtrul Tulku and Lama of Dorje Drak, a very ancient Nyingmapa monastery near Lhasa, which has major branches in Derge, Ganze and Dza-chu-ka in far eastern Tibet. He is one of the head Lamas of the Dharma Fellowship of His Holiness the Gyalwa Karmapa.

Rinpoche speaks fluent Mandarin along with his native Tibetan tongue.

Rinpoche, who is an ordained Buddhist monk, was educated at the renowned Dzogchen Monastery in Kham and received in full the famous tradition of Mipham Namgyal Rinpoche. He holds lineages in both the Kagyu and Nyingmapa traditions and strongly supports a non-sectarian view of Buddhism.

He is an accomplished meditation master in that he has spent more than half his life in isolated meditation retreats. In fact, one of his retreats involved spending nine years in a mountainous cave at Chimphu, near Samye Monastery. The retreat caves of Chimphu were originally founded by Master Padmasambhava in the ninth century and have been occupied by many of the greatest yogis of Tibet ever since. During those nine years in deep retreat, Rinpoche used to spend 21 hours in meditation, leaving only three hours for sleep. Even today he rises at 2 AM every morning to begin six hours of meditation. The food available to him during his nine-year retreat was very simple fare, chiefly consisting of roasted barley. Sometimes he had to subsist with virtually no food at all. He would manage to collect just one glass of water per day, by placing his cup under the drips dropping down from the walls within his cave. When there was nothing to eat at all, he knew how to use a few pinches of alchemical powder made from crushed white stone to support his body's vitality. Under these extreme ascetic conditions Rinpoche learned to master his physical body and subject his human nature to the awesome power of mind.

Karma Gyurme RinpocheGradually with time, Karma Gyurme Rinpoche developed quite exceptional psychic faculties. He is now a master of siddhi (i.e., spiritual power) and famous as a tantric healer. Many of the things reported about Rinpoche might seem beyond belief – witnesses say, for example, that they have seen him walk on water; his healing abilities are phenomenal, and he is capable of reading people’s minds with apparent ease.

Venerable Karma Gyurme's methods of Tantric Healing have been passed down from Mipham Namgyal Rinpoche. People describe these methods as miraculous. They say they have never seen anything like it. Rinpoche can blow on a stone and in seconds it becomes hotter than if it had been held in a candle flame for ten minutes.

Karma Gyurme Rinpoche can place a small metal ritual object (a particular tantric tool used for healing) in his mouth. It is quite ordinary and cold when it goes into his mouth. After a few minutes, during which time Rinpoche utters a number of secret mantras, he takes it from his mouth and touches particular spots on the person seeking healing. At that point the metal object is burning hot; so hot, in fact, that should someone try to grasp it with their hand, it would burn the flesh and leave a scar. After having touched the patient with this object—which transmits a burning jolt, a rush of energy that usually produces cathartic tears—Rinpoche calmly places the ritual tool back in his mouth. Rinpoche refers to this as a special fierce tantric method of healing. When people are astonished at his powers, he laughs and thinks it is a fine joke!

He also has peaceful, placid methods of healing that he uses in more frequent cases. The whole amazing thing is that what we witness here is utterly supernatural and beyond the ability of physical science to explain.

At the end of Karma Gyurme's Healing Buddha Empowerment (Men-la Wang-kur) ceremony at St. Mary's Church in Vancouver (2004) testimonials were given by those who had attended his healing sessions. One woman told of how she avoided complicated high risk surgery to remove a tumour because Karma Gyurme's healing sessions resulted in her x-rays revealing that the tumour had disappeared.

Karma Gyurme Rinpoche is a supreme master of the exceptional science of gTum-mo ("kundalini"), the science of manipulating and directing the latent psychic energies of the human mind-body organism. He can raise the temperature of his body to an incredible degree, simply through control of his mind, and he is able to do so in a matter of seconds. It is through this yogic ability that he helps the great numbers that come to him during his travels in Tibet, China and now in the West.

Eric Rajah says, "His healing gift has made him a celebrated figure around the world."

Sonam Tobgyal says, "I have been with and translated on behalf of many Lamas, but Karma Gyurme Rinpoche is totally different. He is the real thing. I have seen unbelievable miracles occur in his presence. In this regard he is quite different from others."

It is a fact that Karma Gyurme is what we call a living saint. He is not like someone who's Dharma is a theory or merely scholarship. His Dharma is a demonstrated fact— it appears as the display of mind's power by virtue that he really is a practicing yogi.

Karma Gyurme Rinpoche and The Waritan School Project

Karma Gyurme Rinpoche comes from Dza-chu-ka, an extremely isolated and poor region of Quinghai Province in far eastern Tibet. The average life span in Quinghai is 40 years, and the illiteracy rate 95% for women and 83% for men. It is here that Rinpoche established an orphanage to provide education and care for 150 destitute orphans and a number of semi-orphans. (In addition, he supports two homes for the elderly.) The Waritan School Project is located some 1,200 kilometres from the nearest health care centre and hospital.

Karma Gyurme RinpocheInformation on Rinpoche's Waritan School Project for Tibetan orphan children can be obtained from the international aid organization known as "A Better World":

A Better World
6915 Maple Drive
Lacombe Alberta
phone: 403-782-7799
fax: 403-782-7799

Dr. Doris Hubbard has visited the Waritan School in Eastern Tibet, and put incredible amounts of time and energy into raising much needed funds for the Waritan School.

Rinpoche and Kunzang Samten Yangtse Hermitage

Although there is an enormous demand on his time and energy, due to his present world-wide fame as a spiritual healer, Rinpoche has promised that he will come back to the Hermitage when possible.

It is Karma Gyurme Rinpoche's duty to travel, and at the present time he must offer himself as a vehicle of healing. This is by no means an easy burden to bear, but is an obligation that he has been asked to perform by certain very high ranking spiritual Masters. He travels the world to show the reality of the mind’s miraculous faculties. His aim is to renew and awaken people's faith in spirit, in the present age when materialism has become rampant.

Nevertheless, insofar as he can spare the time, he has offered to guide certain numbers of beings in the West in meditation. This he will do at the Dharma Fellowship's Kunzang Samten Yangtse Hermitage on Denman Island, B.C., Canada. He has committed himself to lead one or more seven-day meditation retreats, sometime in the future. A meditation retreat under Karma Gyurme Rinpoche's guidance would be, of course, an unbelievable special event, since it is so rare that a Master of this calibre teaches in the West at all. If the aspiration of the seekers proves strong enough, says Rinpoche, then he will spare the time and lead those who are ready. For this, we can but express unimaginable gratitude.

In other ways too, Rinpoche has also accepted the job of guiding the Dharma Fellowship in its development, as a yogic practice centre in the West.

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