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The Light-body and Its Internal Circuitry

The human light-body (phra-ba’i lus) is the subtle bio-magnetic field in which the physical body is embedded. This psychically generated light-body is an energy template that both orders and parallels the physical body. It extends around the physical body like an electromagnetic egg, forming a spherical bubble about three feet beyond the skin surface, with more subtle radiations flowing out to a distance of as much as fifteen feet. This ‘alternate’ body (for which reason it has sometimes been called the doppelganger) consists of many energy-layers and centers interconnected throughout by a complex circuitry, in many ways matching the physical nervous system. It is, overall, and like the physical body, a multilayered structure.

Over the last fifty to twenty-five years a lot of scientific effort has been made to experimentally confirm the existence of this human light-body. Dr. Valerie Hunt, professor at UCLA, is one who has developed a series of programs for light-body research. Using electromyogram (EMG) imagery, she has been able to study the electrical effect of healers while working on large numbers of subjects. Some of her most fascinating discoveries relate to how a person’s talents and abilities affect specific frequencies of energy in the light-body. She was also able to record EEG and EMG findings simultaneously, proving the fact that the light-body responds to stimuli before the brain does. By taking readings of the light-body while a test subject undergoes strong stimulation, such as loud sounds or bright flashes of light, she has been able to show that the energy field of the human body registers the stimulus before it shows up in the EEG, or in other words, before it is registered in the brain. This supports what the world’s yogis have been saying for centuries.

According to the esoteric tantras the light-body may be divided into several sub-systems, depending either on the energy level involved or what aspect of the body we are talking about. Of the categories into which the light-body has been divided, one category is what has been called the astral-body (bar-do’i lus), the ghost-like phantom body of someone who has just died. The so-called astral body is not something other than the light-body, but is a term used to describe the temporary survival of a person’s light-body after death.

A not uncommon experience had by quite a few people, is that of finding themselves briefly separated from the physical, while nevertheless healthily alive. This may happen in sleep or in meditation, and is commonly called ‘astral projection,’ or according to Yogacara terminology, ‘psychic projection’ (citta-samkranti). In instances of spontaneous psychic projection, a person might ‘wake up’ as it were, to find him or herself floating about in the so called ‘astral realm,’ above the physical body. Although there are a great many skeptics who refuse to believe in such an experience, and an even greater number who find the whole idea of ‘departing from the body’ frightening to say the least, nevertheless a wealth of experimental research carried out over the last hundred years or so, by very reputable paranormal study groups, mystical societies, scientific research centers and so forth, not to mention various organizations sponsored by military and spy agencies, has resulted in unequivocal support for the validity of psychic projection as a scientific reality.

Your light-body is made up of energy intimately related to and dependent on the physical body. This energy attains, at least for the ordinary person, only a mild level of electromagnetic coherence. It therefore cannot survive for long as a ‘body’ once that the physical body stops functioning. From the moment of death, the second law of thermodynamics determines a steady loss of the astral body’s bio-magnetic energy into the natural environment, followed by a consequent break down of the integrity of the light-body over a time period lasting at most up to about 49 days, and usually considerably less. This is the basis of the Tibetan Buddhist concept of a Bardo or forty-nine day hiatus between death and a person’s next incarnation.

The bio-magnetic energies (srog rlung) that feed the light-body can be augmented and given greater coherence by those who practice meditation. A combination of consciousness and subtle bio-magnetism, welded together into what is poetically called the ‘imperishable point’ or bindu in the psychic plexus of the heart (the Dharma-cakra) can then serve as a definite basis for transforming the light-body into something considerably more concrete, more substantial and lasting, than is the case with the ordinary astral-body. An advanced wizard-master can thereby gain a certain degree of ‘immortality,’ or at least longevity, on higher dimensional planes.

The human light-body is divisible into two distinct vibratory levels, called respectively the ‘impure formative body’ (ma-dag-pa’i sgyu-lus), which is low in vibration, and the ‘pure formative body’ (dag-pa’i sgyu-lus), which has a much higher rate of vibration. The word ‘pure’ that is used here does not carry any sense of moral judgment. A chemical element is ‘pure’ when not adulterated by another substance; in much the same way, the lower vibratory level is called impure because of the residual dissonance in the psyche that supports it. As long as that dissonance is present, the formative light-body cannot be crystallized into something truly coherent and lasting – it cannot become a true Vajra-body. Dissonance produces a corresponding dispersal of energy, or a ‘scattering,’ which makes proper coherence unachievable. But when the dissonance has been removed due to the psyche’s own inner radiance, so that the vibrations of energy throughout the light-body attain maximum harmonious coherence, then the impure psychic body crystallizes into what is called a pure formative body.

In our tradition the different bodies are categorized according to the faculties and organs whence they are composed. The physical body, in other words, is said to be composed of such things as bone, blood, flesh, organs, veins, nerves, plexuses and brain. The light-body on the other hand consists of various types of psychic or bio-magnetic ‘energies’ (rlung), ‘circuits’ (rtsa), ‘energy-centers’ (khor-lo) and ‘bindus’ (thig-le). This light-body is one aspect of the so-called ‘impure’ formative body; the other aspect being the physical body itself. By converting the light-body into a considerably more subtle type of vibratory energy called suksma-vayu it is possible to evolve a body fashioned by the psyche itself mounted on highly refined very subtle psychic energy (i.e., mere spirit-energy), which we call the ‘pure’ light-body of a yogi-wizard (rigs-‘den). The latter is also known as a vajra-body. These different categories of embodiment, apart from the physical body itself, are all different aspects of the light-body in respect to its degree of electromagnetic coherence.

The configuration of the inner energy structure consists of three elements: the first is the circuitry of subtle energy-currents known as rtsa, or in Sanskrit what are called nadi; the second is the movement of energy that travels through that circuitry, namely the energy called rlung or vayu; and the third consists of the subtle corpuscular ‘quanta’ of that energy, called thig-le or bindu. The latter is the very essence of what constitutes energy in the first instance.

According to Yoga Science there are 72,000 rtsa-circuits throughout the light-body, spreading out from the brain along a main trunk with many branches like an upside down tree. Since each of these possess binary polarity, this means that each light-body has a pulse rate of 144,000 vibrations per second. There are places all along these primary and secondary lines of force where bundles of circuits come together, somewhat like spokes coming into a hub, and which are then called the cakras. Just as each rtsa or energy-circuit corresponds directly to a nerve in the physical body, so too does each psychic cakra correspond to an actual neural plexus and/or ganglion. The physical body and psychic energy body closely interface with each other.

Depending then on how one wishes to categorize them, there are anywhere from eight, seven or four ‘primary’ cakras grouped along the main central trunk. Each corresponds to a plexus and each of the seven main plexuses corresponds in turn to a hormone producing endocrine gland. At the navel is a cakra with a harmonic pulse rate of 64 cycles per second; at the heart cakra, eight per second; at the throat cakra, sixteen; and at the crown of the head, thirty-two. This just gives a rough idea of how the light-body may be configured; secret tantric texts go into the subject in far more detail.

So far as just the circuitry of the light-body is concerned, there are three main circuits – central, right and left – exactly corresponding to the nervous system in the physical body. Branches from those three main circuits further create a complex net of entangled secondary circuits throughout the whole energy field. The human energy body is every bit as complex as the internal workings of the physical body and its nervous system, since the one corresponds directly to the other. If you think of the light-body as the template, then you will see that everything present in energy form, matches what manifests on the material level.

The central circuit of the light-body is given the name Avadhuti (kun-‘dar-ma), and corresponds to the central nervous system; that on the right is called Rasana (rkyang-ma), matching the sympathetic nervous system; and that on the left Lalana (ro-ma), matching in turn the parasympathetic nervous system. The energy circuit of the Avadhuti runs directly up and down along the spine, with the upper part continuing forward in the head and meeting with the parietal cakra or fontanelle – generally called the Great Bliss cakra – at the crown. From the latter the circuit curves round to the supplementary motor area (SMA) of the brain. From the SMA the circuit then further connects through to the prefrontal cortex, and from the latter to the pineal gland.

There is a non-visual energetic connection from the eyes straight to the pineal gland via the hypothalamic and hypophyseal portal system of the brain, with the pineal gland reacting in consequence to changes in the brightness and colours of sunlight. As a result, the pineal gland regulates the circadian rhythms of the body, as well as those rhythms that are attuned to the regular day-night cycle and the calendar year. These rhythms can be disrupted by a number of artificial agendas – especially city living, for example – as well as terrestrial magnetic fields and, among other things, the shift of the planets in the solar system. All such effects consequently have subtle influences on the bio-magnetic energy field of the light-body. The strongest external influence comes directly from the sun itself.

The lower end of the Avadhuti circuit connects with the powerful group of nerves and corresponding energy center located in the perineum. This is your primary base energy center. In the old yogic texts it is called the kunda, the lowest ‘well’ or ‘pit’ by which electromagnetic energy affects the central nervous system.

A more detailed classification lists eight primary energy centers of the light-body, located (1) at the crown, (2) within the brain, (3) at the throat, (4) the heart, (5) solar-plexus, (6) navel, (7) pelvis sex-center and (8) root-cakra respectively. (If the heart and solar plexus are considered one system together, as they commonly are, then this becomes a sevenfold classification). Each of these eight cakras are described in detail in one or another ‘practice treatise’ of the Yoga school. There they are categorized according to function, energy frequency and higher spiritual purpose, and given specific names.

Three primary centers act as storage banks for psychic energy, where the bio-magnetic energy of the light-body is accumulated. These are likewise energetically connected to other lesser centers, called upa-cakras. The main psychic storage bank is what we call the solar plexus. In the physical body this is a mass of very important nerves that act something like a small independent brain. In their ancient treatises, the yogis call this the ‘fire vortex’ or agni-cakra of the light-body and tie it closely in with the cardiac-plexus (i.e., the Heart-cakra).

The next main psychic storage bank of importance is in the prefrontal cortex, directly centered behind your forehead. This is frequently called the Third Eye. Its function is to store raw mental energy which, when properly activated, may be used to awaken a person’s psychic faculties.

The third primary storage bank of bio-magnetic energy in the human light-body is known as the guhya-cakra or the ‘secret center.’ This is located in the pelvis region, about two inches back from the frontal surface of the body. Its function is to store the person’s vital ‘moving’ power. If stimulated unconsciously, the Guhya-cakra will release its energy, producing a fluttering or nervous sensation, causing the person to perform some form of physical movement, which can occur as agitated tapping, jerky movements, dancing, etc., and which we should perceive as signs of nervous discharge. Autonomic displays (kriya) of agitated activity are ways in which individuals unwittingly ‘bleed off’ excess amounts of this kind of energy, which is essentially sexual in nature.

The upa-cakras or secondary energy centers are somewhat like small vortices scattered throughout the light-body. Thirty-three of these lie along the spine, corresponding to the physical nerve ganglia. They may also be found in other locations throughout the body. For example, upacakra exist in both palms, and similarly in the soles of the feet. There are upacakra deep within the arm-pits, as well as in the elbows. Both temples on each side of the head are also considered secondary energy locations.

As to the lesser energy centers, they may be found for example in each of the fingers of the hands, and the toes, as well as many other places where energy-exchange takes place. They are not considered actual cakras, but in most cases are points where one segment of circuitry meets with other circuits in the light-body. Those nodes or ganglion, or connecting points in the circuitry, process energy throughout the network. These energy exchange nodes are very sensitive and resonate in response to the subtle energy fields of the light-body and its wider zone of radiations. Consequently these exchange points can be used, with appropriate training, to sense the state and flow of energy in both your internal being and the external energy field around you.

Everyone is affected now and again by personal ‘bad feelings,’ frustrations and temper tantrums, personal hurts, the traumas of life, the discordant experiences of being with others. However fleeting some brief turmoil may seem to be, we retain a memory of it in the psychic field. And we react to such tensions or discordance through a build up of negative blockages that settle into and resonate within our light-body. Starting at the surface layer, these discordant trouble spots filter on into the psyche itself, where they become fixtures within our personal psychological make-up. Dark miasmic energy can gather as a result, like a sort of disturbing static, forming energy-cankers that with time become a permanent ugliness in the makeup of the light-body unless removed. This dark energy exudes real emotional and spiritual toxins, which then poison our mental bloodstream, or in other words, disorganizes the psychic circuitry, leaving lasting wounds on the psyche itself.

It is a fact that illness shows up in the light-body before it occurs in the human body. This tends to confirm the idea that the energy field is the original template in which the physical body is embedded. Richard Gerber, a physician who has spent more than twenty years studying the medical aspects of the light-body, suggests in his book Vibrational Medicine that this energy template guides the growth and development of the physical body.

In general, to be out of harmony with Nature (her rhythms and biodynamic balance) tends to foster disruptions in the light-body that with time can manifest as a physical disease. In this sense yogic science is able to show that ‘harmony’ is not simply a concept or an idea about the way people think and behave, but is a physical quality concerned with the manner that energy resonates in relation to everything else. If it resonates in tune with all that is around it, then the response normally will be harmonious. But if it resonates out of tune with the natural environment, or with the biosphere as a relatively unified system, then a corresponding dissonance is reflected throughout one’s being. Due to modern conditions of life this unfortunately means that everyone caught up in today’s industrial society tends to accumulate very high levels of discordant energy that become isolated in their light-bodies.

But that is not all. Generally speaking really dark bio-magnetic energy is not generated in Nature except under quite unusual condition. Evil is only produced by sentient beings who themselves are trapped in negativity. It has been shown that everyone generates a degree of morally negative bio-magnetism when their psyche is affected by psychological defilement and afflicted emotionalism, by feelings such as envy, hate and fear, held in the unconscious. All the traumas of childhood are kept resonating, trapped so to speak in the field of the mind. It is even possible to absorb morally dark energy of this type from other people. Really harmful bio-magnetic energy is what a person gets when he or she acts completely out of sync with their own or another sentient being’s basic goodness.

Everyone’s light-body therefore has a certain amount of dirty energy, of one kind or another, clinging to it; some people far more than others. Because our light-body is a fairly large donut-shaped electromagnetic bubble of energy – what scientists call a torus – surrounding the physical body, with the heart at its centre, a build up of unwholesome energy distorts the natural flow. A distortion like that literally short-circuits the system, causing the more refined light energy moving through the light-body to become blocked.

By reducing the natural flow of your healthy psychic energy, your awareness gets diminished and your self-experience as an evolving being is then seriously reduced. As a whole, physically, energetically and psychically, the result is that you become heavily armored (to adopt a concept from Reichian psychology), which means that the natural lightness and flow of expression within your being becomes locked in place, frozen and paralyzed. The rigidity first shows up in the light-body. It then thwarts the psyche. Finally, over time, this rigidity and heaviness or psychic paralysis will be seen in the physical body itself.

People should be forewarned that drugs such as nicotine, marijuana, opium and cocaine also leave a negative mark in the light-body. These chemical substances take on the appearance of muddy or vaporous convolutions when viewed clairvoyantly. The field of a heavy drinker looks grey and de-energized, with ragged edges. The after-effects of marijuana-smoking leaves its traces too, which appear like unpleasant mucus when seen in the energy field. Cocaine usage causes spotted leprous sparkling light-furuncles, hinting at the onset of possible psychic disintegration.

Unfortunately energetic dissonance is not limited only to the usage of recreational drugs. Pharmaceutical drugs tend to have a detrimental effect on the light-body as well. Chemotherapy in particular, used to treat cancer, sets up huge blockages and mucus-like angry patches in the energy field – at least, that is what it looks like from the perspective of an yogi viewing a patient via clairvoyant sight.

Someone who really gets in touch with the energetic level of their being will almost immediately start to notice certain things. One is how an accumulation of dark energy in the field of the light-body acts very similar to a short circuit in the system as a whole. This causes anyone so afflicted to repeat set patterns of behavior over and over again. Old negative feelings and outbursts take on a hauntingly periodic flavour. One asks oneself why, even after determining not to repeat certain harmful acts, we just go and do the same thing moments later.

Still another characteristic of how the presence of dark energy in the light-body dampens awareness, is how the whole program on a psychological level leads to habits of cover-up and denial. When we go into denial it means we are not facing something. Since nobody wants to admit to their unsightly imperfections, they engage in all sorts of defences around the negative blockages developing in their psyche and in their light-body, to keep it hidden both from themselves and from others.

Concentration upon any part of the light-body focuses energy to that region. This is particularly true when someone concentrates attention on a particular cakra. Since the light-body and physical body are both closely meshed, concentration on a given area of the light-body likewise increases the blood circulation in the corresponding area of the physical body. In other words, blood flows to the location wherever your concentration is directed with sustained effort. We can therefore say that the focus of consciousness on a particular bodily part causes vital-energy (prana-vayu) to be quickened in that part. This explains how vitality is transferred directly from the light-body to the cells composing the physical body. Concentration also relaxes the body-part in question.

Energy work has considerable value both for the psychic development of the being as a whole, as well as a means to produce healthy, positive and curative results in the physical organism.

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