Sivananda Ashram of the Bahamas

Christmas and New Years Symposium at the Sivananda Ashram of the BahamasBased on Paradise Island, with sandy beaches and the blue ocean lapping at the door, this is truly an incredible place to be at peace! It is set amidst five acres of tropical beauty, just across from Nassau, capital of the Bahamas, and has one of the finest beaches in the world. The Ashram is a haven for visitors seeking yoga vacations, certification courses, and residential study programs. Here you can experience a unique combination of traditional ashram and modern yoga retreat. The food is vegetarian, delicious and follows carefully considered ayurvedic health principles.

Those who work at the Ashram are all volunteers, giving their service as a selfless act of karmayoga. Most are students, following a graded path of Yoga under the loving guidance of the Ashram’s senior staff and the directorship of Swami Swaroopananda, a man of great compassion and kindly wisdom.

Daily puja in the temple is led by the tantric priest Krishnan Namboodiri, who comes from South India. He is trained in the classical tradition of mantras, homas, and yantras that serve in the performance of traditional prayer.

Sivananda Ashram of the BahamasHere you can practice yoga on spacious platforms located between the swaying palms of the garden, facing the clear blue waters of the Caribbean. You can take breaks on the white-sand beach, swim in the clear ocean waters or just relax amidst the shade of tropical plants and colorful flowers, where the beautiful song of birds fills the air. Or attend a full meditation immersion course with Swami Brahmananda. Whatever you choose, here you will find the opportunity to undergo physical, mental and spiritual renewal as you retreat from the stress and distractions of your busy life.

Discover a healthier, happier, more relaxed you!

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